Need help finding the perfect dog for your family?

This service is for people or families interested in adding a puppy or dog to their family, but want to be sure they get the right dog for their family. 

We often get called into work through behavior problems with dogs that are really a mismatch between the dog/breed and owner.  If you have had issues in the past picking the right dog, or maybe you know exactly what I'm talking about here because you have gotten the wrong dog for your family in the past.  It's not the dogs fault and it's not the owners fault, it's just a bad match.  We can help ensure this type of issue does not occur.

Whether you are looking to rescue a dog from a shelter or looking for a pure bred dog.  We can help you find the right dog for you or the right breeder for you and your family.   

Cost depends on level of work required.  $65 - $150.  

Please call or email for more information.