Meet and Greet Appointments-(Please read below before scheduling)

What type of training is best for you and your dog?  We offer a wide variety of training options depending on your wants, needs and your dogs personality and temperament.  Give us a call and we can help you decide what would work best for you and your dog.

Our training programs are designed to teach dogs and owners at different levels.  In order for all of our training programs to be successful, it is imperative for owner(s) to work at home to change patterns and behaviors as instructed by your trainer.  Your willingness to incorporate the obedience commands into everyday life, as instructed by your trainer, is crucial for success.  The time and energy that you invest will determine how much you and your dog are able to accomplish.


What is a meet and greet appointment?

A meet and greet appointment is a quick half hour appointment, cost is $25.  It is designed to give you a chance to meet us and for us to meet you and your dog, discuss your wants and needs and from there we can make recommendations on what type of training program will best suit you and your K9 Kid.   


Do I really need a meet and greet appointment?

A meet and greet appointment is Not required before making a daycare or boarding appointment.  Any serious behavior issues, such as aggression, we recommend scheduling a private rather than a meet and greet.  There is no training in a meet and greet so if you are wanting help right away, tips and help in fixing any unwanted behavior, we recommend scheduling a private. If you know you want to take a basic obedience group class, we recommend you just sign up for one, a meet and greet is not required.  If you are interested in any of our residency programs, a meet and greet is required.    

How do I set up a meet and greet appointment?

First click on the red "book now" button to create a profile for yourself and your dog.  Then please call or email to set up a time for a meet and greet appointment.


Then you bring your dog with you to Stay and Obey's studio located at 4316 N. Roosevelt Rd. in Stevensville, Michigan.  During this half hour appointment, we talk about your wants and needs or behaviors needing some modification.  We get a chance to meet your dog and check out his/her temperament and personality.  We then can assist you in figuring out which type of training program would work best for you and your four legged kid.  The other great thing about a meet and greet appointment is it gives you a chance to meet and talk with us, helping you decide if we are the right trainers for you and your dog.  The cost of the meet and greet appointment is $25.00. Contact us here or call 269-465-OBEY (6239) to schedule an appointment after creating an account/profile.

A full, non-refundable, non-transferable prepayment will be required when you book this appointment.

Schedule a Meet & Greet